How We Help Protect You

Your Smart Account includes a range of security measures to protect you.

Here, you will find details of some of the measures we’ve put in place to ensure the safety of your money, and some of the ways you can further protect your account. You can use your account securely in any Post Office, online or via the Smart Account App.


  • Reveal any account details such as your Card PIN, USER ID, Online PIN or Secure Code to any third party.
  • Open suspicious emails or attachments.
  • Use the same password for multiple sites.


  • Trust your instincts if something does not appear to be right. Stop and question.
  • Ensure that you are buying from reputable retailers online.
  • Make your passwords long and strong, using a mix of letters, numbers and characters.
  • Check when opening emails that they are from legitimate and recognised senders.
How We Help Protect You


From time to time An Post may email you with service or marketing messages. We always use your full name. You’ll never get an email from us that’s addressed to ‘Dear Account Holder’ or anything like that. Every email from us will also include our website, phone number and email address.

In fraudulent emails, website addresses may appear genuine on first sight, but if you hover your cursor over the link without clicking, it may reveal a different web address. On our genuine emails the link address is always, or An Post will never ask you to send your User ID, Card PIN, Secure Code, Online PIN or Mobile PIN by email. An Post will never ask you for your full User ID, Card PIN, Online PIN or Mobile PIN when identifying you by phone. Please don’t send us any account details by email. We will never link directly through to your logged in Smart Account or to a page that asks for your security or personal details.

If you receive a suspicious call or email, end the call and contact Customer Services on 01 705 8000 immediately, or forward the email to

How We Help Protect You


We will never ask you for any account details such as your User ID, Card PIN, Online PIN or Mobile PIN over the phone. If you do receive any calls purporting to be from An Post Smart Account asking for your login or account details, please report them to or call Customer Services immediately on 01 705 8000.

How We Help Protect You


During setup, Smart Account online uses two-step verification for optimal security. Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account. We use two-step verification to confirm your identity by sending a security code to your mobile phone and also to verify transactions on your account such as setting up a SEPA payment or changing your online PIN.

Smart Account online uses a secure login process and is secured with SSL (https). Additionally, after a period of inactivity on your Smart Account online, you will automatically be logged out to protect your account from unauthorised access. Simply login again to access your Smart Account. Always ensure you log out when you’ve finished managing your account online.

How We Help Protect You

Shopping Online

Making the internet a safe place for you to use your Smart Account Debit Mastercard.

Mastercard SecureCode is the free service offered by An Post Smart Account in partnership with Mastercard to give An Post Smart Account cardholders additional security and peace of mind when shopping online. It is a fraud prevention service that helps prevent against the unauthorised use of your Smart Account Debit Mastercard online.

For more information on MasterCard SecureCode see Secure Internet Shopping.

How We Help Protect You

In-store shopping

Your Smart Account Debit Mastercard uses Chip & PIN security to protect your Smart Account while you’re out shopping.

Please protect your account details and treat your Smart Account Debit Mastercard like cash. Do not share your account details, User ID or PINs, and do not let anyone else use your card or your account.

If your Smart Account Debit Mastercard has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at Customer Services on 01 705 8000. (Our Customer Services line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls are charged at your standard network rate. Calls from mobiles may be higher.)

Please note: We cannot accept responsibility if you disclose your account details to any third party deliberately or accidentally. We are not responsible for any unauthorised access to information or corruption of data you send us by email.